Church Stained Glass Windows
recorded by Robert Eberhard - updated January 2020
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Stained Glass Windows by A.L. Moore in
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DorsetWest LulworthHoly TrinitySN2A.L Moore
EssexBentley CommonSt PaulNA5A.L Moore
EssexBlackmoreSt LaurenceNA3A.L Moore
EssexChigwell RowAll SaintsNA1A.L Moore
EssexChigwell RowAll SaintsNA2A.L Moore
EssexEpping UplandAll SaintsSC1A.L Moore
EssexEpping UplandAll SaintsNCA.L Moore
EssexGreat HennySt MaryA.L Moore
EssexLexdenSt LeonardSN1A.L Moore
EssexRayleighHoly TrinityEWA.L Moore
EssexStapleford AbbotsSt Mary the VirginSC1A.L Moore
EssexWickfordSt CatherineEWA.L Moore
EssexWickfordSt CatherineNN2A.L Moore
HampshireBishopstokeSt. MarySAWA.L. & C.E. Moore
HampshireEmpshottHoly RoodSA1A.L. Moore
HampshireEmpshottHoly RoodSA4A.L. Moore
HampshireFarnboroughSt. PeterSA1A.L. Moore
HampshireFleetAll SaintsWWA.L. Moore
HampshireGosportSt. Luke (Haslar)EW(S)A.L Moore
HampshireGosportSt. Luke (Haslar)EW(N)A.L Moore

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