Church Stained Glass Windows
recorded by Robert Eberhard - updated January 2017
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Stained Glass Windows by William Morris & Co (Westminster) in
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Outer London (formerly Middlesex)Barnet (New)St. JamesSCMorris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Middlesex)EalingSt. JohnEWWilliam Morris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Middlesex)EalingSt. JohnSA1William Morris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Middlesex)EalingSt. JohnSA2William Morris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Middlesex)EalingSt. JohnSA3William Morris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Middlesex)EalingSt. JohnSA4William Morris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Middlesex)EalingSt. JohnSAWWilliam Morris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Middlesex)EalingSt. JohnNAWWilliam Morris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Middlesex)Great Cambridge RoadSt. John the Baptist & St. JamesNChEMorris(Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Middlesex)Muswell HillSt. JamesNCh2Morris Singer (ie Morris(Westminster))
Outer London (formerly Middlesex)WillesdenSt. MatthewNA5William Morris(Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Surrey)FulwellSt. Michael & St. GeorgeSN2William Morris(Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Surrey)MitchamAscensionBapF.W. ColeMorris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Surrey)MitchamAscensionWWF.W. ColeMorris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Surrey)MordenSt. LawrenceNN2William Morris & Co (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Surrey)Spring ParkAll SaintsSChEF.W. ColeMorris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Surrey)TeddingtonSt. Alban (now Arts Centre)EWWilliam Morris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Surrey)TeddingtonSt. Alban (now Arts Centre)ClApNEWilliam Morris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Surrey)TeddingtonSt. Alban (now Arts Centre)ClApEWilliam Morris (Westminster)
Outer London (formerly Surrey)TeddingtonSt. Alban (now Arts Centre)ClApSEWilliam Morris (Westminster)

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